Each year winter comes to stop time, lock us inside and force us to tuck away what we are so passionate about. Those long cold months can feel like ages when and drive us mad before spring returns. Every once in a while it becomes too much and despite all your caution and protectiveness of your muse you do something about it……..
5 Reasons The New Supra Will Be A Success
(But we aren’t excited for it)
Its finally here, what you have all been waiting for, BoostRodeo weighs in on the new BMW…I mean Toyota Supra. Despite the distention on on the internet between those outraged at this car and the seemingly minority that love it we will go over 5 reasons that this car will actually be a success! Now that being said, I just can’t get excited for this car. I have history with Supra’s and the West Coast Supra community going all the way back to the first generation MA46 and have an enormous love and deep familiarity with them. I am also going to go into 5 reasons why It just does not do it for me.
We Bought a Factory Sponsored Race Truck………What happend to the Mitsubishi Racing Factory Race truck that won the Baja 1000? BoostRodeo now has this iconic Raider Race Truck and we have big plans for it. See what the truck looks like now and what she used to be capable of in her glory days out in Baja.
Building a Toyota Corolla into a Rally Car – Rally on a Budget S1•E1
Building a Toyota Corolla into a Rally Car. Watch Rally Car on a budget Part 1 as we Build a 1981 Toyota Corolla (TE72) Into a Rally Car. In this Episode we will show you the basic maintenance steps we are taking to get our Toyota Corolla ready to hit the rally track. Also info about the TE72 Corolla and our goals for this rally car on a budget. Comment with questions or what you would like to see more of in future episodes!
Mitch Dore Showdown: Supra vs Evo
Supra vs Evo, 2JZ vs 4b11t , BoostRodeo vs Mitch Dore showdown where these two JDM legends face off. BoostRodeo goes on a Roadtrip to meet up with Mitch Dore put our cars head to head………. and we almost get busted by the cops.
BoostRodeo Garage: 92 2JZ MKIII Supra