Whats A BoostRodeo?

We have always been passionate about building, racing, and pretty much everything Motorsports. We are car guys, husbands, dads, friends and regular guys with day jobs, who suddenly through all of life’s phases realized……the car guy piece got lost.

We are blessed in our lives and families but through all the chaos that is life, this one piece of us slipped away. So we set out to change that. We started a project that led to many more and decided to film it all to build a platform and channel to connect with and maybe even inspire anyone who is a former, current, or even wants to become a car guy. We knew we were passionate about cars and wanted it to be in our lives again. What we did not expect was to get passionate about film making and producing content. If you hit that subscribe or follow button we will deliver rad builds, how-tos, kick-ass events, and your stories from the community.

Being someone who is passionate about cars is a time, social, and financial challenge that most will never understand. Being a good husband and dad is an even bigger one. We would love if you joined us as we try to balance being both and produce some ridiculous builds and content along the way. We have already been blown away by the amazing people we have met over the last year and can’t wait to meet you and hear about what you are working on or into.